Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A FRenz beyOnd tHe reAch oF my

rite now,i look at her pic..i cry..i cry..n i cry..
totally miz her so deeply much..but,im not strong enough to add u..the past back stabbing in the heart. pain does not count. it makes my life changed, my mind changed, my attitude changed, is changing all the circumstances ..even though I hurt, very disappointed,I still miz u..but if I see ur pic, it really hurts me..sorry,,lil dear. :'(
astaghfirullah hal a'zim..

now , I see your picture ... I was very sad .. I cry .. cry ... and continued to cry ...
sorry, .. I am not the best .. not a good friend ...
but, I love you .. love you very much ...
I do not know how to do anymore ...
awk, I miss you very much ..
but, sorry .. I am not a good friend ...

If you see me or bumped into me, .. you never commented me .. yeah
I don't want you greet me ...keyh
but I don't want you hate me ..

you know,
although I miss you ..
but, when I saw your picture ...
it really hurts my heart ..

you change me ..
you changed my life ..
you change my mind ..
you changed my attitude ..
you change my appearance ..

thank you 'friend'

you know ..
what do you have done to me?? ..
you know ....

you disable my heart ..
you turn off the joy of my life ..
you off my mind ..
you switch off every inch of my body ..
you disable my life ..

thank you ...^^

you know ...
Im glad, I have a kind of friend just like you ..
because of you ..
I learned ..
what it is ..
strong ..
sick ..
love ..
miss ..
believe ..
honestly ..
vacuum .. empty ..
disappointed ..
pardon ..
peace ..
rise ..

never mind .. I don't care ..
even any reason, .. whatever you look a like ..
I still miss you yee .. ^ ^

that is, .. I'm sorry very much ..
Because I cannot see you ...
its will hurt me...^^

kalo0 nie warkah saya yg terakhir,..
ingat taw...saya sayang awak....
saya dah maafkan awak..
cume,..atie saya jer....yg susah nak terima...
apa yg awak dah buat 'kat' saya...oupzz...'untuk' saya...
sebab tu larh saya mnx maaf...
saya x dapat nak jadi kawan yg bek...
saya x dapat tengok awak...
sebab tu larh...
saya x nak awak tegur saya kalo0 awak nampak saya...^^
ingat taw ... jangan tego0 saya..^^

sebab ia ambil masa ckit taw awk tok saya ubat atie saya nie....he3...
x lme wak,.kejap je k..
owk larh...
thx kalo0 awak bce nie...

from ur unstatus frenz...,^^

___its me______